Summit Base Adirondack Challenge 


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Program for Older Scouts

Adirondack Challenge is specifically designed to give the ultimate all-inclusive Adirondack experience. Geared towards the older scouts within your troop. Adirondack Challenge tests and hones your scout's outdoor skills to the fullest. Adirondack Challenge brings a broad spectrum of activities to your scouts with this half day weeklong program. Kayaking, Backpacking and Rock Climbing are the major program highlights to Adirondack Challenge along with Leave No Trace Principles and backcountry ethics.

This Program is designed to teach scouts the basics knowledge of rock climbing, backpacking and kayaking in a safe and controlled environment. Adirondack Challenge runs as a half-day program still allowing your boys to hold their leadership roles within the troop while at summer camp.

Minimum age requirement: 14 years. Group size limit 8 Participants

No additional cost for this program. Register online, in the "Advancement" section. Registration done by the unit.

* Please refer to the Personal Gear List in the Program Guide, below, that will be necessary for kayaking, rock climbing and backpacking.*

Program Guide

1:00pm: Participants arrive and check in at Buckskin or Waubeeka with their troop. Scoutmasters check in with Summit Base and sign up for Adirondack Challenge if they are not signed up already. MUST BRING A SECOND COPY OF THE PARTICIPANT MEDICAL FORM TO THE SUMMIT BASE CHECK IN.

7:30pm: Meet your ADK Challenge Guides at Summit Base after dinner with your troop for an overview of the week and required gear for the next day. BE SURE TO BRING A COPY OF PARTICIPANT MEDICAL FORM.

12:00pm-8:00pm Arrive at Summit Base with gear items requested by your guide for a half day and evening of kayaking on Lake George.
Arrive at Summit at noon – lunch will be provided

  • Pack Kayaks and equipment
  • Paddle Northern section of Lake (The Narrows, Tongue Mountain)
  • Trail dinner at the Point of Tongue Mountain Range
  • Return to Summit
  • Clean & Dry Paddling Equipment
  • Debrief
  • Return to respected camps by dark.

12:00pm-8:00pm Arrive at Summit Base with gear items indicated by your guide for a half day and evening of rock climbing.

  • Meet at Summit Base at noon – lunch will be provided
  • Hike to Gull Pond Cliff (or drive to Keene)
  • Rock Climb and have dinner
  • Debrief
  • Return to Summit by dark.

1:00pm-5:00pm Arrive at Summit Base with gear items indicated by your guide for a half day of preparing for overnight into Pharaoh Wilderness and day hike.

  • Arrive at Summit after siesta - eat lunch with your troop
  • Pack and prepare for overnight trip into Pharaoh Wilderness
  • Day Hike – Time permitting
  • Dinner in respected camps

Thursday to Friday Morning:
Thursday 1:00pm - Friday 12:00pm-Arrive at Summit Base with packs prepared from the day before.

  • Arrive at Summit Base after lunch
  • Hike out of Summit Base to Pharaoh Wilderness area through Farley's Gap
  • Set up camp near Pharaoh Lake
  • Swimming and or fishing in Pharaoh lake

6:00am - 12:00pm

  • Wake up and break camp
  • Hike & Summit Pharaoh Mountain
  • Have lunch on trail
  • Return to Summit Base
  • Optional BBQ at Summit Base – all participants welcome



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