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Activities in the neighboring Adirondack Mountains
Groups may travel into the Adirondack Park to take part in High Adventure activities at some of the most well known sites in the Park; possibilities include rock climbing, bouldering, backpacking and caving.

The hiking, climbing and caving group size is limited to twelve participants. These programs can be registered for prior to camp by contacting our Activity coordinators. In the event that a group or time slot is not at full capacity at the start of camp, the spaces will be offered until Sunday night.  These programs are staffed by National Camp School certified Climbing as well as a certified guide.

Please see the summer trek gear list for recommended equipment for the hiking, climbing and caving programs (focus on backpacking needs).

Day Hikes
Spend a day exploring any of the six mountains surrounding the Stevens Valley or take a hike through Farley's Gap and summit Pharaoh Mountain; part of the neighboring 200 square mile Pharaoh Wilderness Preserve.  Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

By Tom Chlupsa
View into Pharaoh Wilderness from Little Stevens

High Adventure Caving
Eagle Cave at Chimney Mountain in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area, about sixty miles from Read Reservation, is the largest wild cave in the Adirondacks. Participation is limited to mature Scouts, at least fourteen years of age, and their leaders. The activity requires basic knowledge of rock climbing and rappelling. Group size, including adults, can be no more than twelve persons. Payment of the fee accompanied by the parent/guardian signed permission slip (available below) must be received at the Council Service Center at least one week in advance of the Troop's arrival at Camp.

Scheduled for each Wednesday during the summer camp season, the timing of these trips is dependent upon the number of cavers signed up for this activity. (The time in the cave will be the same for each group.) The first group will leave Read Scout Reservation by council van immediately after breakfast and return to Read about 5:00 p.m.; the second group will leave Read at about 2:00 p.m. and return to Camp at about 10:00 p.m. after having had dinner at a restaurant in Indian Lake hamlet (cost included in the fee.)

Each participant should have the items noted on the equipment list, below. Trips will be led by a professional, licensed Adirondack guide.

Cost in 2016: $50.00 per person, youth or adult.

Permission Slip [PDF, 7K]

Each participant should plan on having the following equipment for the High Adventure Caving trip to Chimney Mountain.

  • Personal medical form (from the Health Officer)
  • Any medication required
  • Hiking boots
  • One pair of shorts
  • An extra T shirt
  • One pair of tight fitting long pants


  • One tight fitting sweat shirt or light jacket
  • One canteen filled with water
  • One lunch pack and a small pack
  • A personal flashlight
  • Ability to follow directions

Whitewater Rafting 
Summer Adventure
Meet the challenges of rapids on the swift flowing Sacandaga River, at Lake Luzerne (Rt. 9N). Outfitter is Adirondack Wildwaters. Cost in 2016: $22.00 per person, payable in advance to Read Reservation.  Additional charge for camp supplied transportation. Maximum number of persons in one van 14. Minimum number in one van 10.  The permission slip (available below) is required for each Scout.  This program is offered during the summer camp season.  Camp supplied transportation is limited.

This is a half day program for ten or more persons plus an adult leader at least 21 years of age. Whether or not your unit uses Read Scout Reservation transportation, reservations must be made with the camp administration.

The rafting outfitter uses ten person rafts; six persons take turns paddling with directions from the raft guide. If there are ten or more persons from your unit, the adult leader goes free. The leader from your unit is responsible to maintain proper discipline throughout this activity.

Permission Slip  [PDF, 7K]



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