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By Tom Chlupsa
Heading down the COPE course ZIP line

The Rules of the Base
From the moment your group arrives at Summit Base you will be exposed to mountaineering ethics at their best. We strive to uphold the same basic rules and principles that are adhered to in wilderness areas all across the world. We have a great respect for the physical wellbeing of our facilities, the woodlands that surround us and the individuals we come in contact with during the course of our programs. We encourage all participants to become familiar with our ethics and to practice them wherever your travels may take you.

Every participant must know that deliberate damage to Summit Base property may result in the person or persons responsible being immediately sent home without return of fee in part or whole. The cost to replace damaged property may be included in the group's or individual's account. Advise participants (and parents) prior to Camp of this policy.

Group Rosters
Each group at Summit Base must submit a roster of all persons (adult and youth) in camp. Units are requested to use the form which is attached to the back of this guide which is also available here.
This roster will be collected during check in when the group arrives.

A pay telephone is available on the Camp Buckskin office porch, about a ten minute walk from Summit Base.  Emergency or Camp business calls only may be made to the base office at (518) 623-0747. Fax # (518)-494-7099.

Medical Exams
Before coming to camp, every participant must have a physical examination. Those 40 years or under must have a physical within 36 months; over 40 within 12 months of attending a Summit Base activity. The health history must have been updated and signed within the last 12 months. Those 18 and under must have a parent or guardian sign their health history. All participants must have these completed medical forms with them upon arrival. Those without them cannot be permitted to take part in activities until we have the form in our hands. PLEASE make certain parents/guardians sign all necessary forms. The correct forms are available at no charge from the Council Camping Department and are available for download here.

By Tom Chlupsa

Our Council carries accident and health insurance, through Health Special Risk, Inc. (HSR), on each Scout and adult leader. The cost is included in the camping fees. Groups not associated with Westchester-Putnam Council must provide their own accident and health insurance.

In the event a covered Scout needs medical attention by an outside health care provider, all fees and bills should be handled in the following manner:

  • Complete a claim form (available from Camp Health Officer or Council Camping Secretary) from HSR and submit it along with the health care provider's itemized billing statement IMMEDIATELY. United of Omaha will automatically pay the first $150.00 on every claim.
  • (For claims exceeding $300.00) Then submit the outstanding bills to the parent/ guardian's private health insurance.
  • After the parent/ guardian's insurance has paid their maximum limit, the remainder of the outstanding balance (if any) can be submitted to HSR as a continuation of the original claim. You must provide an explanation of paid benefits from the parent/ guardian's insurance along with the claim. Although the claim is originally submitted to HSR, the parent/ guardian's health insurance is considered primary. HSR will only make payment on claims over $300.00 after proof of payment from the primary carrier is presented.

It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to ensure that their son's claim (if any) is submitted and satisfied. Please do not ask the health care providers to forward claim information or additional bills to the Council or Camp. In the event there are difficulties with a claim, you may contact the Camping Secretary at the Council for information and assistance (914) 773-1135 Ext. 233

By Tom Chlupsa
Giant's Ladder on COPE course

Parking/Automobile Use
There are designated parking areas at Summit Base for trek groups and for daytime participants.

The speed limit on camp roads is 10 MPH.

Seatbelts must be worn by all vehicle occupants at all times, this includes while on camp roads.

No one may ride in the back of a pick-up truck, or in/ on a trailer under any circumstances.

First Aid
Our guides and base camp staff are all trained in CPR and Red Cross Basic First Aid.
We have an Emergency Medical Technician at Read Scout Reservation.

Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or illegal use of prescription drugs are not permitted at Summit Base. Anyone found to be in possession of or under the influence of such will be asked to leave.

Prohibited Items
The following items are prohibited at Summit Base: Guns, sheath knives, aerosol bug spray, pets, fireworks, and chain saws.


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