Summit Base Summer Trek Schedule 


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By Will Roth

1:00pm: Participants arrive and check in with Summit Director at Summit Base office. Please pre-arrange early arrivals with our Trek Coordinator. Your group will be introduced to your guide who will show you to your site to drop off your gear. It is strongly suggested that the entire group arrives close to 1pm to allow sufficient time for preparation.

1:00pm to 5:00pm: Swim tests and medical reviews should take no longer than two hours. Your group and your guide will then begin equipment "shakedown" where your guide will cover proper packing techniques and also point out any items that may best be left behind. Organized and efficient groups will possibly have time to take part in our on-site high adventure activities with their guide.

5:00pm: Your group will return to their site to set up camp and prepare for dinner.

6:00pm: Dinner will be served in the Butler Pavilion at Summit Base.

After dinner your group will finalize distribution of group gear and food (supplied by Summit Base). You will have time to relax, get to know your guide and discuss the upcoming adventure.

One group leader and the guide will meet with the Summit Director and turn in unit rosters, wilderness swimming permission slips and review the group's account. Any last minute itinerary and/or transportation changes will be addressed.

Long Lake Map Review
By Chris Long
Review of the map before heading out from Long Lake boat launch.

7:00am: The group must have all equipment packed and loaded into the vans and trailers for transport to breakfast. Arrive early; packing and loading equipment takes time.

7:10am: Breakfast will be served in the Newton Dining Hall in Camp Buckskin.

7:30am: Your group will depart for your drop off location. Departure time may vary slightly depending on the trek chosen.

10:30am-12:00pm: Your group will be picked up at your finish point and will be provided with lunch on your ride back to Summit Base.

12:00pm-6:00pm: The group will arrive at Summit Base and your guide will show you back to your site where a post trek "shakedown" of equipment will occur. Once equipment details have been completed your group is free to relax until dinner.
Hot showers are available.

Other high adventure activities may be available depending on your return time.

6:00pm: Dinner will be served in the Butler Pavilion at Summit Base.

7:00pm: After dinner, one leader must meet with the Summit Director at the Summit Base office to review the trek. A review of the group's account will occur with any final payments due at this time. The group may wish to partake in some additional high adventure activities located at Summit Base or attend the campfire program at Camp Buckskin.

8:00am: Breakfast is served at Newton Dining Hall in Camp Buckskin on your way out of camp.

If your unit plans to leave Summit Base prior to Saturday breakfast please, please notify the Summit Base Director in advance.


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