Summit Base Whitewater Rafting 


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Summer Whitewater Rafting 
Meet the challenges of rapids on the swift flowing Sacandaga River, at Lake Luzerne (Rt. 9N). Outfitter is Adirondack Wildwaters. Cost in 2009: $20.00 per person per person, payable in advance to Read Reservation.  Additional charge for camp supplied transportation. Maximum number of persons in one van 14. Minimum number in one van 10.  The permission slip (available below) is required for each Scout.  This program is offered during the summer camp season.  Camp supplied transportation is limited.

This is a half day program for ten or more persons plus an adult leader at least 21 years of age. Whether or not your unit uses Read Scout Reservation transportation, reservations must be made with the camp administration.

The rafting outfitter uses ten person rafts; six persons take turns paddling with directions from the raft guide. If there are ten or more persons from your unit, the adult leader goes free. The leader from your unit is responsible to maintain proper discipline throughout this activity.

Permission Slip  [PDF, 7K]


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